Teaching Creativity

I am a high school teacher, and I teach creativity.  Okay, I actually teach computer animation and digital media classes like 3D Modeling, 2D Animation, Dynamic Effects, etc.  How many of my 250 students a year are going to go on to be professional animators?  It could be dispiriting to think about it, especially compared […]

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D.O.S. (Daughter of Satan)

I know that this is now the second entry I’ve created that at least employs the word Satan, but I’m really not fixated on him.  I really couldn’t care less about the Devil.  My soul is bought and paid for by someone else, so he knows I’m off the market and for the most part […]

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Limousine Camping

As storytellers, animators, writers, and film makers we often struggle with the blank page. One way to overcome the block is with incongruity, forcing together two things that should never come together. Good stories need conflict. Incongruity creates instant conflict. What if you went camping in a limousine? This sounds lIke a perfectly weird story […]

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Nose Tripp’n

Today in class I read to my students from Don Hahn’s Dancing Corn Dogs in the Night.  He has written a section on the power of smell to trigger sense memories.  Sense memories are powerful tools artists can use to involve the audience in our creations.  Of all the senses that can elicit sense memory, […]

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The Devil and Mr. Whitaker

My parents were both educators and took pride in their work with children. So I must have caused them both a fair amount of frustration, because I was not a good student. I was a smart kid, but the problem was not that I was bored at school. In fact, I had just the opposite […]

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